Pay-Per-Stay Platform

What is it?

If you offer a service based on a subscription (telecomunications contract, pay tv, energy supply services...) you'll most probably hire an agent or set-up a campain on the web... well all these have a fix cost that you hope it will pay-off. But what if your customers keeps switching from one supplier to another?... well problems might arrive in making your profit stable or even positive.
Our Pay-Per-Stay works on that: it will tranform your selling cost from a fixed one to a flexible one following your incomes month by month.

I'm a publisher or a selling force agency

Stable recurring income

Our solution aim to give a fair and continuative remuneration to your capability to be a good selling channel. If you provide a good lead that will subscribe our client services you will get paid not just at the lead but all life long as long as the lead keeps on using our client services.

I provide services and I want to sell... sell... sell...!

Fully flexible costs

Our solution is a platform on which you can publish online campains paying month by month just for the clients you will really get and just for the time those clients are subscribing your services.

How it works?

What about integrate it with a Social-Selling Strategy?

How to track Member-Get-Member strategies?
Do you have a Social-Selling Strategy?
Can we help you in finding a new selling channel?


Andrea Grimaldi

The idea guy

The one that says: "Guys this time I got a great idea!"
He has a good experience in utilities and the ability of finding a solution out of any box you might think about.

Marco Montagna

The marketing guy

Marketing strategist, TV consultant... From Beijing to Milan he has made his path in a jungle of data, spots, market segments.

Stefano Renolfi

The producer

Line Producer and Tv producer in Movies/Tv Commercials/Branded Contents... He worked for Fiat, H3G, Vodafone, Danone, Unicredit, Coke (just to mention a few). Today in Milan yesterday in America, tomorrow somewhere in the middle of the ocean to organize a set.